Akita and the Fatima Secret (English)


Akita and the Fatima Secret documentary (English edition)

We will send the DVD to you but prefer that you watch this documentary free online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6isd20OPYY. Our mission is to teach peace to millions of people. For this reason, we prefer that you watch Akita and the Fatima Secret online and share this important information with your friends and family. If you do want us to send the DVD to you, consider ordering multiple copies to share with others.

This amazing film explains what is perhaps the greatest miracles since the Our Lady of Fatima miracles in 1917. Specifically, God's supernatural solution for peace, authenticated by the Catholic Church in 1984, is triggered by praying the Holy Rosary.

Sister Agnes Sasagawa, the central person in the Akita miracles, said after watching this documentary that it is communicating information that she has wanted people to know for a very long time. This documentary, along with the book Defeating the Brotherhood of Death, is very important information for everyone to avoid the great deception currently underway by Satan and his helpers.

Many people have been deceived to believe that preventing a third world war is not possible. Jesus would not ask us to pray for something impossible. In the Our Father prayer the words "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" inform us that God's kingdom on earth is possible. This period of peace, is explained in the Akita and the Fatima Secret documentary. Unfortunately, Satan's efforts to suppress or distort the truth has resulted in many people never hearing about Akita or misunderstanding Fatima.