Something to Stand the Rain


Something to Stand the Rain is a biographical memoir. One hundred percent of proceeds from this book help teach peace.

At a time in our nation when faith in its leadership is at a low ebb, the components of a good man are laid out for review by examining the life of Teach Peace Foundation founder David Dionisi.

Author T.J. King, PhD witnessed first-hand from his work with the Teach Peace Foundation that changing history is not easy or risk free. Exposing the truth means powerful people will seek to suppress the truth. 

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Dionisi and dozens of other former intelligence officers spoke out to warn the public they were being misled to support wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. In March of 2007, the retired General Wesley Clark (former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO) supported the hard truth Dionisi shined light on when he said: "we're going to take out seven countries in five years."

Dionisi is unique because of the accuracy of what he has written and the first-hand research he self-funded in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and over a dozen other countries. 

Dionisi invested years to uncover why the center of Christianity was the site selected in Japan for an atomic bomb detonation. His work explaining the single greatest mass murder of Catholics in the history of the world, led to the first book published in Japan on this subject (the Atomic Bomb Secrets book). The Atomic Bomb Secrets book was added in 2015 to the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum's library to be kept in perpetuity. The documentary, The Secret of Nagasaki, is based on this book. The historian in charge of Japan's 26 Martyrs Museum, Fr. Renzo DeLuca, SJ, wrote: "Atomic Bomb Secrets clarifies many facts that we need to know in order to make a healthy and courageous judgment about history."

The message of Something to Stand the Rain is good people are making a difference. Often these good people are falsely attacked and ignored because when their voices are heard they effectively prove people are being deceived. The story of Dionisi's life shows that from helping the poor in Central America to helping the poor in Africa, saying and doing the right thing leads to eternal treasure.

T.J. King hopes to inspire you to love and serve others with this moving real-world account of a 21st century peacemaker and the Teach Peace Foundation.