Vigilant Christian II: Preventing an American Hiroshima


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The Vigilant Christian II: Preventing an American Hiroshima is the product of years of research in 18 countries and explains the role of secret societies as a red thread running through major events in U.S. history. Each hair-raising assertion is backed up with a thorough documentation of sources. five star reviews include:

VC II: Preventing and American Hiroshima helps readers be vigilant and aware of false flag attacks such as 9/11 and describes what needs to be done to avoid World War III. Daniels

Secret societies aren't so secret anymore after David Dionisi exposes them. This is a very thought provoking yet troubling book. Dionisi's unabashed love for God and his fellow humans is evident in his writing as is his knowledge and ability to define the problems facing general society today. This is a great book and encourage those with open minds to read it and re-read until its truth takes hold in your heart. Gary

This is not just a Christian book, or a book for a particular country, this book and its series is for humanity. Brilliantly written, expertly researched, an absolutely essential for all to read. As a Christian I wanted more scripture, in the middle of the book, but Dionisi relieved that tension at the end with inspirational thoughts and scripture. At times I had to have an internet computer next to me to check the research, and every time it all brought out the truth. This book is not for Christians or a country, it is for all to read and understand, history, the present day, and God forbid the future. Tim Moore

This book is not only thought-provoking but gives a blue print for coming together in communities and building better environments based on openness, transparency and morally evolved principles of justice and religious tolerance if we are to prevent nuclear attacks on American soil or anywhere else in the world. It challenges us all to deepen our education on and understanding of history. Wars have long plagued humanity and now cause increasingly greater civilian casualties. History poorly understood is likely to repeat itself. As a physician and scientist I strongly feel that this Vigilant Christian II book offers a better way. Dr. Linda Copeland

The book Vigilant Christian I: The New World Order is highly recommended before reading this book.