Vigilant Christian III: The Occult Religion of the 9/11 Attackers


The Occult Religion of the 9/11 Attackers

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Vigilant Christian III: The Occult Religion of the 9/11 Attackers explains the 9/11 terrorism was a religious ritual to welcome a new world order. 

Concrete evidence is provided with 280 pages, over 100 pictures and 647 footnotes. The book builds on earlier books in the series and when combined with Vigilant Christian IV: 9/11 - The Secret War, provides a clear understand of who is responsible and why the 9/11 ritual failed to accomplish spiritual objectives.

Five star book reviews include:
Exposing the Mission and Religious beliefs of the 9/11 attackers!!! Superb read! This is by far the most explosive book of the VC series in which David gives the readers a look into the religious beliefs, symbols and mission of the 9/11 attackers. The book is a holistic account of what happened in the past and what the Occult religious societies have planned for mankind in the future. I also like the fact that in each chapter the author has referenced the Holy Scriptures, and by doing so has given us hope and deepened our faith in God. Daniels

You thought you'd heard it all. WRONG! And wrong, too, is the conception generally held as to what motivates "the man behind the curtain" to perpetrate deceit and treachery on a whole globe of bamboozled nations. With a tracking of meticulously documented facts that return history to a trued narrative exposing those who have deviously pulled the wool over people's eyes, in Vigilant Christian III David Dionisi uncovers the guiding blueprint behind those responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center. When I finish reading this, my conviction level registers beyond a shadow of a doubt. Dr. Thomas J. King
Reading Vigilant Christian I: The New World Order will provide the foundation information to fully appreciate Vigilant Christian III: The Occult Religion of the 9/11 Attackers.