Vigilant Christian IV: 9/11 - The Secret War


911: The Secret War

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Suppose the narrative was changed. What if the box-cutter hijackers were replaced by an entirely different crew of bad guys responsible for bringing down the World Trade Towers? 

Suppose, further, that this were not just the plot of riveting fiction, but a tapestry of carefully explained events that actually happened, with all characters supplied clear motives, and each hair-raising assertion backed up with a thorough documentation of sources. 

Such is the substance within the covers of this 157 book with 505 footnotes. Also recommended is the book Vigilant Christian III: The Occult Religion of the 9/11 Attackers which is the only book to correctly explain why the 9/11 terrorism was a religious ritual.

After years of research in 18 countries, the mystery of who is responsible for the 9/11 attacks and what this elite group wanted to achieve is revealed by author David J. Dionisi. 

Five star book reviews include:
My initial contact was hearing him speak on "Preventing an American Hiroshima" in Chico. Several members of the Board of Directors of the Peace Institute at CSC, Chico were highly impressed by this presentation and subsequently invited David Dionisi as the featured speaker at three additional events since that time. David has spent over a decade uncovering information that is not widely known about the ruling elite of the world and their agenda. His scholarship is impressive.  Dr. Bob Bowman

The most effective propaganda device keeping America's sheep complacent, the term "conspiracy theorist" raised in response to inquiries into widespread cover-ups, is answered in this book by a barrage of carefully supported, logically connected facts that will grow new hair on your head. This will include not only that Osama bin Ladin was not responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center, but that al Qaeda did not exist! And surely it will nourish the curious to learn who WAS responsible for that cataclysm called 9/11.  Dr. T.J. King

In VC Book IV - 9/11 the secret war. David explains in detail what happened on 9/11. He then goes on to outline the motivation for the attack and the hidden hand that orchestrated this event that changed the world forever. The material presented is easy to understand as it connects the dots between the plot, the attacks, and the goals the attack accomplished i.e. to facilitate the New World Order. I highly recommend this book.