Vigilant Christian V: Perfect Money Planning (2018 edition)


Perfect Money Planning

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Vigilant Christian V: Perfect Money Planning can help you become financially secure and achieve eternal treasure. David Dionisi explains what to do in a world where organized evil dominates the global monetary system. 

Dionisi expands and refines this book which was first published in 1992. For many people, this book will present ideas that challenge much of what they have previously learned about money. A financial elite, known as a Brotherhood of Death, created the Federal Reserve, Bank for International Settlements, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund. This small but powerful group is hard at work creating a Special Drawing Rights one-world monetary system to replace the Federal Reserve. Implementing this new monetary system, based on energy units instead of supply and demand, is one of Donald Trump's top priorities.

Readers learn the secrets of how the Brotherhood has gained control of the U.S. monetary system and much more. This book offers a proven and comprehensive plan with exercises enabling readers to create a financial plan. 

Perfect Money Planning will help you navigate how to use God's resources wisely as you provide for your family and future.

Five star book reviews include:
I would recommend the whole 5 book set. Dionisi knows what he is writing about. Ray L.
Great primer on the money system and the FED. There are so few who have even a superficial understanding of our money system as we have and what the US CONSTITUTION authorizes. I have found out even my congressman is in the dark. Mike B.

In Perfect Money Planning. The author starts out with an overview of the banking system and the 'cartel' like manner in which debt is created. He then goes on to explain the various financial instruments that can be used for Perfect Money Planning, There are several graphical representations and charts that make the material presented is easy to understand. Perfect Money Planning is based on the Biblical principles of sharing our resources and `talents' which God has bestowed on mankind. Daniels